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MESD College Assistance / Scholarships

BSU, EOU, NNU, and TVCC Camus Visit

2016 EOU campus visit.

BSU Visit

Fee Waivers & Deferrals

The following fee waivers and deferrals are in the counseling office.
  • ACT Fee Waivers (Students are allowed to use (2)two in their high school career.)
  • SAT Fee Waivers (limited numbers)
  • NACAC Request for Admission Application Fee Waiver (May use up to 4 waivers. Colleges and Universities have the right ro refuse them.)
  • OREGON PUBLIC UNIVERSITIES Request for Deferrral of Application Fee for Admission (This does not waive the fee, it is added to your financial aid package so you don't have to send it with the college application.)

NCAA Registration

Students who plan to participate in athletics in an NCAA DI or DII college or university must register with the NCAA Clearinghouse. 
  • If you are going to play NCAA DI or DII athletics, you have to be cleared by the NCAA.
  • You can't receive official scholarship offers until you have registered.
  • You can't go on official visits unless you have registered.
  • All NCAA coaches use the Clearinghouse/Eligibility center to verify your academics
  • The Clearinghouse link is listed in Useful Links on the counselor's web page. Go to the link for more information and an application.
  • You should register with the NCAA Clearinghouse at the start of your junior year. If you are a senior, register immediately and get your official documents ready.