Graduation Requirements

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1.Select a graduation Plan (Honor Or General or be recommended for the Alternative) and receive a passing grade in all requirements listed for the plan.

2. Maintain an acceptable attendance and citizenship record. 

3. Attend high school eight (8) semesters- unless proper arrangements have been made for early graduation.

4.All fees must be paid, make-up work and /or detention time completed. 

5.Verification from the grade level staff Advisor that the graduate has completed six (6) hours of volunteer community service for each year in high school.

6. The number of credits needed for graduation is 24. 

7. You must complete your 4-year Education Plan and Education Profile. 

Each graduate must earn the appropriate number of credits (24) as listed above, and which includes the following:

A. 4 credits of English ( Pass Reading and Writing OAKS or Pass work samples in each area- 2 per area.) 

B. 3 credits of Math ( A student must get credit in three different math classes and get through at least Geometry or Algebra II. A student must also take a math course each of his/her first three years of high school. Note: no math credit will be earned below   Algebra I. The Class of 2014 and beyond must pass the state test or pass math work samples 2 or other qualifying scores on National test- see counselor.

C. 3 credits of Science ( Must include Biology and Physical Science Or Biology/ Chemistry (with approval). 

D. 3 credits of Social Sciences ( to include Global Studies, U.S. History, Civics, Economics, Law & Democracy, and Modern Problems or courses approved by Nyssa School District) .

E.  1 credit of Health 

F.  1 credit of Physical Education

G. 1 credit of Computer Applications 

H.  1 credit of a Foreign Language 

I.  .5 credit of Career Transitions (Sr year) 

J.  7 credits of electives (It is required that three elective credits come from Vocational programs/ Applied Arts ? Visual and Performing Arts. the remaining Electives would come from the elective pool. Advisory for four years is included as one elective credits.

 Students must meet specific criteria in order to fulfill graduation requirements. These include: developing an education plan, an education profile; demonstrating extended application through a collection of evidence; demonstrating career-related knowledge and skills; and participating in career-related learning experiences as outlined in the education plan. Students will begin developing their portfolios during their freshman year. A senior class, one-semester length class called "Career Transitions" will be required to fulfill this extended application requirement).