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Mr. Carlton's Science Classes: 8th Grade Earth Science - Geology - Culinary Arts

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    Welcome to a new school year. I hope everyone had a great summer and it was filled with enjoyable memories. A little about myself, I have lived in Nyssa for the last 11 years and have loved every minute of the time here. I am originally from Larned, Kansas, which is a small agricultural town with 3 feedlots surrounding the town. The school district is the number one employer of community members, though the State Correctional Facilities employs more, but many commute.
    I am married to a wonderful wife and have three of the most beautiful children one could ask for. I have a love of Earth Science and during the summer of 2013 I finished my Master's of Science in Geosciences. I love to be in the outdoors and see nature's phenomena.  I look forward to having your children in class and to help them to further understand the Earth processes around them.
Mr. Carlton preparing to enter Clarksville cave in upstate New York,   
during the completion of his Master's in Geosciences (Summer 2013)
Mr. Carlton underground in the cave sweating like a "fat kid", though it was only 42 F degrees

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Master's of Science 2013
Mississippi State University 
- Geoscience
Bachelors of Science 2007 
- Geology
Bachelors of Science 2007
- Earth Science Education
- Physical Science Education (minor)
Associates of Science 2003
- Math and Education