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Welcome to Mr. Hill's English classes for the 2017-2018 school year.  I teach English 11 and English 12, as well as Writing Lab.  The English classes are designed to continue our students' exposure to literature and to write and thoughtfully consider novels, short stories, articles, drama, film and poetry. English 11 focuses on American authors, while English 12 turns an eye to the British  influence. English 11 in particular focuses on preparing our juniors for their important writing and reading assessment given in the spring according to new state standards.  Writing Lab is designed to help seniors who have not yet met state standards, focusing on writing specifically for purpose and audience.  It promises to be a fun, challenging and rewarding year for all of us.  Please take advantage of this web page to understand school policies, view lessons and learning goals and to stay informed about school events and classroom progress.  I am most easily reached through e-mail at  Phone calls are fine, but the return time is often longer.  School number is 372-2287, and I'm extension 4408.

Classroom Policies/Student and Teacher Expectations
It is the responsibility of each student to read the Student Handbook.  School-wide policies are explained at length as are the consequences for failing to adhere to them.  In my classroom this discipline plan is followed: 1--an informal warning to act properly; 2--a formal meeting to discuss behavior and class rules; 3--a keeper slip or noon detention; 4--a conference with the Assistant Principal; 5--referral for in-school suspension; 6--referral for a conference with the principal and parents/guardian.  These rules are posted near the front of the room and are discussed in class on the first days of school along with a list of items that constitute breaking the rules.  Every student will get a copy of this matrix and I can provide one for parents if asked.  Essentially the rules follow the Student Handbook and include things like "No eating in class," "Entering and exiting the room procedures,""Bathroom breaks," "Rudeness," etc.  Don't hesitate to contact me with any questions concerning classroom policies and procedures.  A new policy regards the use of phones.  They are not allowed to be used in class without direct consent of the teacher.  Headphones and phones will be taken from students and given to the office for the remainder of the day.  I will follow this policy strictly.
Grades, Posting and Accelerated Reading Points
Grades in my classes are based on a cumulative score.  Each assignment is worth a particular number of points, with more intense projects and tests being worth a larger number than shorter assignments.  At the end of each quarter the total number of points possible is calculated with the number of points a student earned and a percentage is generated.  The scale used to determine the letter grade is school-wide: 90-100=A; 80-89=B; 70-79=C; 60-69=D; 0-59=F.  An important part of each grade is AR or Accelerated Reading.  Each student is expected to read books of their choice both in class and on their own.  Twenty-five AR points are required by the English department every quarter.  These 25 points will account for ten-percent of each quarter's grade.  I consistently remind students of their current number of AR points, for this part of the class can be the difference between one grade or another.  Please take this responsibility seriously and keep on top of your reading and taking the tests.  AR deadline dates are posted above my door. I update and post on my bulletin board current student grades weekly--ordered by student ID numbers for privacy.  
Language Arts Expectations

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For the most part, basic school supplies are all that is needed for these classes: a notebook, writing implements, etc.  Many of our texts are class sets that are shared during the course of the day, so unless a student wishes to check something out for a night texts and handouts are usually provided each day.  An exception to this is each student's responsibility to bring their AR reading book with them each day.  Though we usually only have individual reading time once a week, I want them to have their books to fill time after finishing a project or class assignment early. 

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