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Brett Jackman

Brett Jackman, about 3 hours ago

Nyssa High School Students,

Starting Monday December 7, all NHS students will have the opportunity to physically attend one of their current classes on campus through Limited in Person Instruction. No transportation is available at this time.

Distance learning will continue for all classes and Limited In-Person Instruction is optional.

A new bell schedule and an in-person course offering guide has been sent by email to all students. Please refer to these when planning which class you will be attending on campus. Due to state guidelines once a class is selected that class will be the only class you are able to attend for the remaining 3 weeks of this semester.

Our new bell schedule:
Period 1 9:05-10:15
Period 2 10:50-12:00
Lunch 12:00-12:30
Period 3 12:45-1:55
Perod 4 2:35 - 3:45

Covid-19 Safety Procedures:
1. Do not come to school if you are not 100% healthy.
2. Wear a mask at all times.
3. Maintain 6 feet of social distance.
4. Complete the wellness check upon entering the building.
5. Use hand sanitizer and wash hands frequently.
6. Only attend your one class on campus each day.

We are super excited to have more students on campus. We hope that this provides additional academic support and helps students reconnect with teachers, their peers, and our school.
Thank you!

Brett Jackman

Brett Jackman, 2 days ago

Nyssa High School Families,
Beginning December 7 we will be increasing our on campus instruction to allow all students to attend one of their current classes daily. This is to allow students to connect with teachers and their peers and have the opportunity for increased academic support. Mr. Jackman will be holding a parent meeting Thursday evening at 6:00pm to share details. The zoom link is found below and will be sent to your student's email. Thank you,

Para las familias de Nyssa High School,
Empezando el lunes 7 de diciembre todos los estudiantes tendrán la oportunidad de asistir una de sus clases en persona. Nuestro deseo es que los estudiantes puedan conectarse más con sus maestros y otros estudiantes y aumentar el apoyo académico. El Senior Jackman va a tener una reunión para padres el jueves a las 6:00pm para compartir detalles. La información para conectarse por zoom se encuentra debajo y se mandará al correo electrónico de su estudiante.

Nyssa School District

Nyssa School District, 4 days ago

The current COVID Positive Case for faculty in the Nyssa School District is 2.
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Brett Jackman

Brett Jackman, 4 days ago

Nyssa High School Parents, To help prevent the spread of covid-19 for one week, November 30 - December 4, all classes will be offered by distance learning with no students on campus. Our limited in-person instruction will resume on December 7.

Padres de Nyssa High School, Para ayudar a prevenir el contagio del covid-19 por una semana el 30 de noviembre hasta el 4 de diciembre, todas las clases se ofrecerán como aprendizaje de distancia con no estudiantes en el campus de la escuela. La instrucción limitada en persona empezaran otra vez el 7 de diciembre.

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