NES Dual Language Program

The Nyssa Elementary School Dual Language Program (DLP) in English and Spanish is open to all incoming kindergarten students, and to students in grades above kindergarten on a limited basis. Beginning in kindergarten and extending through fifth grade, students in the program spend half their day learning in English and half their day learning in Spanish. The goals of the program are to develop students who read, write and speak at grade level or higher in two languages, and who have multicultural skills and experiences.

Parents interested in the program for their children understand that the goals of the program can be realized for their children only with a full commitment to the program for the entire six year span from kindergarten through fifth grade. Applications for the program are available in the NES office, and kindergarten enrollment occurs in April of the year. For additional information about the program, please consult NES Dual Language Handbook, available at the Nyssa Elementary School webpage; or call Principal Matt Murray, 541-372-9252.

Handbook: \19-20\DLP HANDBOOK.docx